Monday, August 29, 2005

Bossa Nova in the Bay Area

What does Brazil and Palo Alto have in common? There's a great band that plays Brazilian Bossa Nova and other latin rythms in Palo Alto. They're the Sambosseros.

I went there and saw their weekly presentation on Thursdays at Trader Vics.

On the same note, Bebel Gilberto will be playing in San Francisco on Sept 11 at Bimbo's 365.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

SF Muni: Muni fare changes to absurdity

As incredible as it may seem, San Francisco raised its fares to absurd amounts. It'll now cost US$ 5.00 for each Cable Car ride, and US$ 1.50 for each bus ride.

We should boicot the Cable Cars and let them stop. It's absurd.

There are also no more incentives in buying bulk passes (tokens). Let's simply walk or ride our bikes everywhere.

I hope they learn that hiking prices will NOT add more people to the service, but will instead reduce it.

Damn, I'm mad... :(

Friday, August 12, 2005

So much to do...

I wish I could have invented a time machine. Not one of those where you go back in the past, but one of those that slows time as it passes. Kinda like "Star Trek" or kinda like the kids movie "Time something". Man, I'm even lazy to search...

Or I wish I could invent teletransport. Commuting now is making me spend more time on the road (1 hr/day at least). If I could teletransport, it'd be easier...

Oh well, time to go back to work. Wishing, dreaming...