Monday, September 11, 2006

Never ask a small car to move because it's taking too much space

My "neighbor" placed a note on my windshield asking me to move my "legally" parked car back. The note just said "MOVE YOUR CAR BACK", no polite words, no please, etc.
In San Francisco there are tight parking spots and this was one of them. A Civic barely fits, but I did fit perfectly. I was over 3 or 4 inches over the "red" paint, but was not blocking the driveway, but that was enough for their note. If I moved back, I would be blocking the other driveway and that would be bad.
Well, since I am a "nice" guy (grin) I decided to move my car - there were other spots that were larger and I took one of them.
Now, the irony is that the Civic is one of the smaller cars... right now there's an SUV parked there taking 1.5 foot over the red paint and effectively blocking 5-6 inches of their driveway.
Life lesson: think about it when you write a dry note on someone's car who is *not* blocking you. The "next" car maybe bigger than the one you asked to be moved and might effectivelly block you.


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