Friday, December 08, 2006

Rudy and Heather's Wedding - Part 1 - "DRIVEN"

Rudy and Heather are getting married this weekend! The wedding is in Tampa, FL in a cruise ship on Saturday morning. I arrived this morning at 9.20 and Rudy and Heather picked me up in the airport. They had already started the day by driving arround to the courthouse to pick up the papers for the wedding.
After picking me up we came to the hotel and dropped our luggage. The hotel rooms were still not ready, so we left for more errands. We bought licquor and drove Heather and her mom to the salon so they could get their hair done. Then we drove to the airport for two pick ups.
The Tampa airport has a GREAT concept: a Cell Phone parking lot. We got there and there's a huge billboard with the arrival times for the flights, as well as free wireless internet. It's a great way to avoid traffic and allows guests to wait before heading into the arrival area to pick up guests.
We easily realized one of the flights was late, so we left for lunch. Back to the airport we met the two guests and drove them to the airport. After that, there were three more trips driving from the airport to the hotel. It's now 6pm and Rudy is picking up the last 4 guests in the airport and everybody has now been driven to the hotel.
So that was the day today - "Driven" through the freeways of Tampa.
More updates as the weekend progresses.


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