Sunday, January 29, 2006

It's been 5 years

5 years (and 1 week). So much changed and so much stayed the same. How could I guess how things would turn out?
Looking at it, chance took over in many places, and the course of things turned out to be different?
For better or worse? Neither. Just different. Different and better, I would have to say, as I always look at things positively (most of the time anyway).
If I really look deep down, I didn't do anything to get here. I just let life take its course. Sounds very irresponsible, looking at it.
Note to self: need to do those things you always set yourself to and never do - write goals, work towards them, etc. Those silly things people call "new year resolutions" :-)
Now looking ahead, will I again let chance rule? Or will I at least steer the course of my life this time? Am I happy with where I am? What do I need to change so I can be where I want to be in the next 5 years.
There's one thing I know for sure - this is THE year. The main question is will February be THE month (Jan is already over) or will I wait until December?


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